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Best stressless chairs to de-stress

In the modern world, relaxation can be hard to come by thanks to our hectic schedules and the uncomfortable environments in which many of us live and work. The ability to take the weight off your feet, lean back and chill out can make a huge difference being a healthier, happier and more functional human being. That’s why the Stressless range of chairs is such a great choice – designed using revolutionary technology, they have been created to meet the body’s need for both support and movement when seated and are the only recliners endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association. See 5 of our best stressless chairs:

Crown Recliner Chair

crown stressless

This classic recliner takes its inspiration from the original 1980s recliners, updating and improving the design to provide an experience that is pure luxury. The tub shape is uniquely comfortable and offers perfect support for the lower back and neck in all positions. A smooth glide function allows the Crown Recliner Chair to recline with ease – adjusting to the weight of the sitter – and the option of four different types of leather and more than 140 covers ensures plenty of individual choice.

Wave Sofa and Chairs

wave stressless

Proving that the recliner can be ultra contemporary and versatile too, the Wave Sofa and Chairs have elegant steel legs, smooth modern lines and a choice of a high or low back. The patented Plus and Glide systems in the reclining seats ensure ultimate comfort, adjusting to the subtlest movements and providing true support. The aesthetic is designed to bring to mind the rolling waves of the ocean, encouraging calm as well as physical ease. Choose from four different fabrics finishes and a wide range of colours.

Bliss Recliner Chair

bliss ekor stressless

The Bliss Recliner Chair is contemporary and cool, a very modern solution to the problem of busy living, offering an oasis of relaxation and calm in any space. The chair has the distinctive Stressless in-built Plus and Glide systems, which respond to body movements to provide intuitive comfort, as well as the LegComfort support, which glides out from underneath the seat to provide stylish rest for the legs. The chair is available in three sizes and a range of different fabric and colour finishes.

City Recliner Chair

stressless city recliner

If you’ve never considered a recliner chair because you’re unsure of the more traditional designs then the City Recliner Chair is a minimal and modern alternative with all the distinctive Stressless comforts. Slender metal curves and a statement base support this cutting edge recliner, which comes with a matching footstool and a choice of high and low back variants.

Magic Recliner Chair

stressless magic recliner

For the ultimate Stressless experience, the Magic Recliner Chair is a flawlessly comfortable choice, available in sizes that can be personalised to your body. As the sitter reclines, the headrest provides support and comfort and one simple movement flattens it out to make space for snoozing or daydreaming. The Magic Recliner is available in four leather collections – Batick, Cori, Paloma and Royalin – which each have their own colour choices.

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