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Sofa Bed Buying Guide – How Do I Choose?

Welcome to the sofa bed buying guide.

By fulfilling the two distinct functions of comfortable seating and guest sleeping accommodation, the right sofa bed can effectively transform a sitting room or lounge into a guest bedroom within minutes. So the usefulness of these versatile and flexible pieces of furniture is undeniable. But functionality isn’t everything. So to help you choose a sofa bed which not only works for you but also looks great, we’ve put together a useful sofa bed buying guide to help you find the one which will meet all your practical requirements without compromising on style or comfort.


Things to consider

Finding the ideal a sofa bed for your home isn’t so different from choosing any other piece of furniture. It has to look fantastic, offer optimum comfort, and fit in perfectly with the style and dimensions of the room in which it is intended to be used.

There are, however, some additional considerations to bear in mind when identifying the ideal sofa bed for your home. For example:

  • Will its primary function be seating or sleeping?
  • Does the mattress need to be suitable for regular or just occasional use?
  • Which type of mechanism do you prefer?
  • How much space is available?
  • How do you intend to position the sofa bed in your room?


the right mattress makes the best sleep

the right mattress makes the best sleep

Sofa beds with integrated mattresses, such as the stylishly contemporary Becks or the sleek Innovation ranges, feature thick firm upholstery which is ideally suited to both seating and sleeping purposes.

Our more traditional fold-out models can be supplied with either foam mattresses for those on a budget who do not anticipate regular use, or coil sprung mattresses which can provide your guests with even more comfort.

Sofa Bed Mechanisms

While the familiar fold-out sofa bed remains an excellent choice for many homes, our range now includes sofa beds which utilise a number of different mechanisms. Below are some of the pros and cons of each:



  • Works seamlessly with traditional styles
  • Mattresses can be taken away for cleaning and are easily replaced
  • Familiar mechanism which can be operated with ease.


  • Possible to misplace items in mechanism
  • Mechanism adds weight to sofa.



  • Incredibly convenient and easy to use
  • Can incorporate storage space.


  • Requires occasional oiling/maintenance
  • Can cause track marks in thick carpeting.



  • Distinctive style
  • No additional mattress.


  • Style limited by mechanism to a certain extent
  • Requires a wider space than some other sofa beds.


Cintique Eton recliner


  • Ultimate convenience
  • Offers reclining function when used as seating.


  • Can be more expensive than other models
  • May require additional space to rear.

Why Vale Furnishers?

blinds measuring guide

Based near Guildford, Vale Furnishers are one of Surrey and Hampshire’s leading furniture shop specialists. As a family business which has steadily built up an unimpeachable reputation over the best part of the past sixty years, we offer both variety and value for money which we believe surpasses that of the national chains, and the care and attention to detail of a small store. Our services also extend past than just the local area; we are the ideal furniture shop for Surrey, Hampshire, and near Guildford.

Our sales staff are not just there to sell our furniture – they’re also trained to inform our customers, and to listen carefully to what they require and expect from the furniture we offer.

We never give you the ‘hard sell’, but instead go to great lengths to make sure you benefit from our passion for furniture and our detailed knowledge of the ranges we are proud to have available for you to experience for yourself in our two superb showrooms.

But most importantly, our many repeat customers recommend us to family and friends time and time again, because they know it’s impossible to find anything quite like the exceptional service and furniture we offer anywhere else.

Do you have any questions not covered in this sofa bed buying guide?
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