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Room lighting tips to brighten the day

The effects of lighting can be so subtle that we barely notice them but the way that a room is lit can have a real impact its the occupants. Spending some time on your interior lighting – including making it more adaptable to the different elements of your life – can really pay off. Whether you’re looking to boost productivity, aid relaxation, create a bit of visual art or make a space more romantic, lighting is the key to changing the mood of your room. Here are some room lighting tips for you to take away.

Spacious living room interior

Create a productive mood

For spaces that need to be functional, such as a study or a kitchen, lighting needs to offer clarity and encourage you to focus. Here, anything that mimics natural daylight is the ideal choice as this will create the ideal environment for reading, doing, or dealing with computer screens or paperwork. Opt for lights that give off a neutral white and are simple, practical and not distracting – floor lights are a great choice as task lighting.

Make a comforting environment

Lighting is instrumental in feeling comfortable – just think about the discomfort that harsh overhead lights can cause, from migraines to anxiety.  It’s especially useful in children’s bedrooms for phases when kids are scared of the dark or finding it difficult to sleep. Novelty lights that emit a gentle, ambient glow and come in friendly shapes, such as a dog, bring a great sense of fun to a space, as well as introducing light into the much feared dark.

Introduce a cosmopolitan feel

ceiling light

Check out the Kartell FL/Y Ceiling Light

If you’re looking for something sophisticated – and a little bit different – then this is far simpler to achieve with some lighting upgrades than repapering, repainting or switching furniture around. Experiment with coloured glass shades to see which brings the kind of feel you’re looking for to your space. You might opt for a single ceiling light with a coloured glass shade to cast a spell over a dining table or multiple smaller lights in different colours that blend as the reach of each bulb meets.

Go for romance

romantic lantern

The Sabine Small Hurricane is a great example of a romantic lantern

There’s no doubt that lighting is key for creating a romantic setting and it’s very simple to do. Soft, low lighting is the classic choice for rooms where you want the romantic to be dominant – avoid red bulbs, or anything equally tacky, and choose soft ambient lighting instead. Of course, if you really want to create an unbeatably romantic space then there is no substitute for candles – naked or flickering in something like a hurricane lantern. Choose one or two statement candles or fill the room with flickering flames.

Use lighting to lift your mood

Whether or not you subscribe to Seasonal Affective Disorder, there’s no escaping the fact that we tend not to feel so energised and upbeat in the winter months when the days are darker. Introducing lamps into your home that mimic daylight can not just give your room a light but boost your mood too – lamps that produce artificial sunlight are able to boost serotonin, the hormone that helps beat a bad mood. Known as light therapy lamps, these lights are best placed wherever you spend the most time in winter.

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