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The 6 best patio items to enhance your home

Our al fresco areas have become as much a part of our homes as the most impressive bathroom or grand living room. As a result, upgrading your outdoor space is key if you want to keep up with the Joneses. So how do you make your patio ‘posher’ this summer?


  1. Rattan furniture

Rattan is the material for furniture this summer, whether inside or out, so make sure your patio is sporting the latest sartorial style by investing in some rattan furniture. A traditional table and chairs with luxuriously thick cushions in tropical shades should bring you in bang on trend.

  1. A recliner or two

Now, there are recliners and then there are recliners. If you want the poshest patio around get yourself some of the latter. Ignore the foldaway variety of recliner and instead choose a permanent chaise longue style affair – the type you might expect to see a character from The Great Gatsby lazing on in head to toe diamonds with a full champagne glass.

  1. Hybrid dining accessories

Calligaris dining chairs

Bold colours make any dining collection stand out

There’s nothing posher for a patio than filling it with furniture that bears no resemblance to the old white plastic patio chairs we’re used to. Instead of tables and chairs that look like they’ll need a good clean before then can be used, choose bold colours and designs that really stand out. The Italian Hero chair is air-moulded and ultra modern. Colour choices such as fuchsia and a juicy orange bright a luxe and carefree look to any outdoor space.

  1. A fire pit

Coal burning garden fire pit

The ultimate hipster patio accessory, the fire pit has become a must have if you want to impress with your al fresco area. You can either build your own permanent firepit from stone or buy a portable metal fire pit. Either way, get ready for evenings outside around the flames and plenty of toasted marshmallows.

  1. Heaters

We all love the English summer but, let’s face it, even in the middle of July there are a few nights when you wouldn’t want to be without a duvet. That’s where the outdoor heater gives the poshest patios an advantage by providing a bit of extra warmth when the sun goes down. From the most basic models to those that are a work of art as well as a heat source, upgrade your patio for use whatever the weather with outdoor heaters.

  1. Chiminea

Rustic cast iron Mexican chiminea style wood burning stove with flames, in summer cottage flower garden

If the fire pit isn’t posh enough for your patio then the Chiminea is the next level up. Essentially an outdoor wood burning stove, it is also a serious conversation starter and a great way to get rid of fallen leaves or branches without an unsightly bonfire. If the Chiminea is too rustic then build in a permanent BBQ.

  1. Under floor lighting

Most people’s experience of patios in summer is sitting around flickering candles or tripping over your shoes when you get up while being forced to rely on the light spilling out from indoors. That’s why the poshest patios have built in floor lighting – weatherproof uplighters, spotlights, whatever takes your fancy. Just make sure that it doesn’t have to be plugged in indoors or lit with a match for it to fit the brief.

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