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Home Office Ideas

Working from home can be tough, but we’ve got some great home office ideas to keep you productive all day.  Here’s our list of the office furniture you need to keep hitting those targets.

Office chairl_20601_BCML1302_GRN_1024x1024

Possibly the most important of all office equipment, your office chair can make or break your freelance career.  Buy an unsuitable one and just wait for those back, shoulder or head pains to start. Your work rate diminishes and so does your income. Speaking from experience, it’s essential to have a good, comfortable office chair that’s fit for you and, ideally, can be adjusted at will. But that doesn’t mean it has to be big and bulky and old-fashioned. Take this colourful modern mesh Euston Office Chair, for instance. Available in green, blue, red, orange and black, its tilt mechanism means the chair bends when you do, although has a lockable upright position too. The airflow mesh back seat and breathable fabric will keep you comfortable during those sweltering hot summer days (making up for the fact you have to work).


Office deskl_15984_qwerty_CO_WEB

Is it a desk – or a gorgeous piece of furniture designed by Italian Andrea Lucatello? Folks, it’s both. The Qwerty Desk from Cattelan Italia boasts sleek lines, sharp angles and a matt white or graphite finish. There’s even an optional leather writing pad. What we really love about this desk (apart from the sleek design) is the clever corner storage decks to ensure there’s no visible clutter:


Trendy table lampl_21001_flos_goldman-1_square

On that desk of yours there will undoubtedly be a table lamp. Instead of going for the typical banker design, why not treat yourself to an updated version and something a bit more special (you’re going to be spending a lot of time at this desk, let’s face it). The Flos Goldman Table Lamp definitely has the wow factor. Available in several body choices (brass, nickel and aluminium) as well a two colours (green and dark grey), it even has a USB charger for when your phone or laptop needs a quick recharge.  See our full range for more stylish lighting.


Filing CabinetL_19610_WO04

Much as we try to keep sending work related correspondence to the cloud (with daily back-up) we’re still not quite at the paperless office stage yet. And anyway sometimes it helps to print out invoices, complicated legal documents etc. Hence the reason we still need a filing cabinet. That doesn’t mean it has to be a boring grey metal one (so reminiscent of the 70s and 80s). We can, for instance, opt for a fashionable and elegant country chic style with this Chertsey cabinet. Made from reclaimed wood with a hand waxed lacquered white finish and shell handles, it’s decorative as well as functional. Ideal if your office is in the guest room, for instance.


You’re going to want to impress potential clients who pop into your office unannounced or otherwise. To do this, line up a handful of textbooks, any recent awards, and photos of yourself with leaders in your industry, on these modern shelves. Then sit back and watch the impressed look on your visitor’s face. The job’s practically yours already…The Calligaris Seattle L Shape Shelf shows off your ‘trophies’ nicely – and with a modern designer touch.

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