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Find the right size rug for the right reasons

A rug in a room can make all the difference. It can turn a nice but bland living room or bedroom into a thing of beauty. But try to fit a rug that’s too big or too small into a room and the effect will be ruined. So how do you know how to find the right size rug?




The important aspects to consider

There are many things to consider when buying a rug – placement, colour, budget – but sizing is perhaps the most important. Too small and your room will look unfinished. Too big and the room will look cramped and crowded. So it’s essential to get it right.

People will often go for a smaller rug simply because it costs less. But the wrong rug can end up being just as expensive as the right one in the long run, what with needing to change it at least once, so for those serious about making their rooms look great, spending a little more money in the first place can save a lot of hassle, time and expense later on.

Measure up

The first tip when sizing a rug is to measure. Measure the room, and more particularly measure the seating area. This is where the rug will sit, and knowing the size of this area means you can buy a rug that will fit pretty well. Whatever the size of your seating area, the rug needs to be the same. Or as close as possible. If it’s a little smaller that’s not a problem as it can ‘float’ in front of the furniture. Buying bigger, however, means you’ll lose bits of your rug under your sofas and chairs, and it could look messy.



The next thing to remember is that your rug could have two orientations, if it is rectangular. So just because it might not fit one way, check to see if it will fit the other way round before dismissing it out of hand. The Louis De Poortere Fading World Medallion Rug Collection is a perfect example of this. These rugs can be laid in portrait or landscape fashion, depending on your room and the placement of your furniture. If you have a square room then a square rug (don’t forget to measure!) is the best way to go. Take a look at the stunning Calligaris Delight Rug as an example.

Layering up

If you see a rug that you love that is simply too small for your room, don’t worry. It’s possible to innovate and cAltFlor_lifestyle_Quirky_DottyTess_custom rugsreate a layered rug effect as long as the ‘under rug’ is the right size for the room. Buying a large rug and placing a smaller one on top may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but there are some rugs out there that are so lovely they need to be used, even if they are a little bit tiny.

Always leave space

Finally, you will want to show off some of your original flooring. Whether it be wooden, laminate or carpet, it needs to be seen – otherwise the rug won’t stand out and will look more like a movable carpet than anything else. The best way to do this is to leave 18 inches (around 45cm) of original flooring on each side of the rug. If possible. If that means a big gap in the seating area where a rug should be, the 18 inches rule can be reduced. Use your judgement in this case.


This guide will help you choose the appropriate rug size for your home. For more information, call our experts on 01252 325525


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