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The Ideal Teenager Bedroom Furniture

Teenagers are notoriously difficult to shop for. They know what they want one minute, and change their minds the next. Not that we can blame them – it’s all about the hormones. But that doesn’t help when it comes to ensuring that their bedroom looks great and in keeping (as far as possible) with the rest of the house. That’s why finding timeless pieces of furniture that have a modern, quirky edge to them is the best solution to keep your teen happy and their bedroom looking fantastic. Here are our top tips when thinking about teenager bedroom furniture:

The Chair

Vale Furnishers - Owen Chair

And one thing that all teenagers are going to want is a chair. Whether it’s to read a book or magazine on, watch TV on, use their laptops of tablet… It doesn’t matter, but having a chair is always going to be useful. A piece of furniture such as the Owen chair which is both functional and funky will work wonders at bringing a smile to your teen’s face as well as being stylish enough to be an integral part of their bedroom.

The Bedframe

Vale Furnishers - Bernalda Bed Frame - teenager bedroom furniture ideas

Now, as much as we might fight against the fact that our babies have grown up, there is no denying that a teenager’s bedroom needs – assuming space will allow – a double bed. They need space to spread out, and they want to feel like grownups (even if we have trouble seeing them that way). So a bed like the Bernalda which is contemporary and chic, is an ideal solution. Plus it comes in a range of different colour and design options meaning your teen can be involved in the decision making too. Very grown up indeed!

The Desk

Vale Furnishers - Chertsey Large Desk

Whatever else they do, teenagers have a ton of work to get through from school or college, so they will need their own, comfortable, workable space to do it in. We can’t promise they won’t be distracted by a text or twenty, but having a desk or dressing table in their room will at least mean that they’ve got somewhere to work at when they want to – plus if you find one with enough drawers it will make an excellent piece of extra storage. The Chertsey desk is exactly what a teenager would want.

The Wardrobe

Vale Furnishers - Monte Carlo 2 Drawer Wardrobe

It may be a slight generalisation, but teenagers love their clothes and need an ideal wardrobe. And it’s important to them – and to you, who may have actually purchased these garments – to keep them in tip top conditions. So a stunning wardrobe that has plenty of space, and that even has some additional storage included, is going to be an absolute necessity. But it also needs to look modern and grown up, far removed from the kids’ furniture of yesteryear. Or does it? The Monte Carlo wardrobe comes with all the storage and hanging space a growing child could need, but it also comes in a variety of different door colour and frame types – including bright pink and purple. So even if their tastes run to the slightly quirky, that’s fine – your teen can express themselves and you can be happy that you’ve found them a stylish, solid piece of furniture.

The Beanbag

And finally, a beanbag. Yes. When they have their friends round to visit, there should be somewhere and something comfortable to sit on, and although their bedroom chair is cool and contemporary, there isn’t room for two. And sitting on the bed is so last year. So a beanbag like the Soft Peak beanbag, which comes in all the colours and fabrics you – and they – could wish for, is the perfect solution. Comfortable and effortlessly cool, this is the kind of item that they will take with them on their next step in life.

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