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Home style tips to enhance your home

If your interiors are somewhat lacking when it comes to style then don’t despair as this season offers plenty of options to bring your aesthetics up to scratch. No matter what your personal taste, here are some simple home style tips to give your abode an uplift in the chic stakes.

Modern interior in a beautiful house

1. Amp up your accessories

Interiors accessories are the simplest way to breathe new style into tired interiors and there are plenty to choose from too. Opt for iconic photography or interesting artwork, or add a touch of luxe to a room with some beautiful soft furnishings such as luxurious scatter cushions or bed linen. Make a cutting edge statement with a stunning piece of contemporary sculpture or introduce some classic elegance with something like a traditional grandfather clock.

Open Plan Living Area In Modern Apartment

Style doesn’t have to have a price tag and small changes can make a big difference.

2. Introduce light

Lighting can make or break any room and you can instantly change the feel of a space by trying out new lighting styles. A statement lighting fixture will make a dining room a real talking point while cosy table lamps are ideal for desks and living areas where you want to relax. A floor lamp is one of the most versatile interiors options, not only because it can significantly light up a space but because it makes a stylish statement too.

3. Fantastic floors

A new carpet can invigorate a living space, from a luxurious deep pile reminiscent of vintage glamour, to an ultra contemporary floor covering in a bold, modern shade. If you don’t want to go to the trouble of recarpeting then try rugs instead – from faux furs to bohemian patterns and travel inspired designs, rugs not only look great but bring warmth too, as well as absorbing sound on wooden floors.


4. A splash of colour

Modern living-room interior with pink couch near empty white wall. 3d render.

Modern living-room interior with pink couch near empty white wall. 3d render.

For spring and summer 2016, the most sought after colours for the best looking interiors range from metallic shades to deep greens and petrol blues. Darker colours on walls or soft furnishings make a serious style statement in the summer months, but for those who like their shades light then it’s all about gold, copper and sunshine yellows.

5. Naturals

Natural fabrics and finishes never really go out of fashion but the last few years have seen a real focus on bringing the outside in. If you want to score big in the style stakes then rattan is one of the most talked about materials right now. Traditionally used more as patio furniture, rattan tables and chairs indoors are a simple and easy way to give your interiors a 2016 update.

6. Add a mirror


The benefits of mirrors are numerous, as these interiors accessories not only make a great focal point when you walk through the door but can really open up a small room too. Mirrors can help create the illusion of space and boost the amount of light in an area by reflecting it into dark corners. Plus they are a simple way to bring character, from ornate classic designs to bold modern looks.

Most important of all; be creative! Check out our website, which lists one of the largest selections of furniture in Surrey or give us a call on 01252 325 525 for more home style tips

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