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Hallway inspiration to maximise your home potential

The hallway is a wasted area in many homes but, used wisely, it can bring another dimension to your living space. Whether you need additional storage, you’re looking to add some functional features or you want to make an impact on everyone who enters, there’s a lot that your hallway could do for you. To help hone your vision, we’ve got some small – but amazing – hallway inspiration that you might want to try at home.

1. Try out some mirrors


The Old Charm Chatsworth mirror from Vale Furnishers

Hallways tend to be small spaces but, as they are at the front of the house, also have access to a light source. This makes your hallway the ideal place to feature mirrors, as they will reflect the natural light and instantly make this area feel more spacious. Mirrors in a hallway can be functional – one last check before you leave the house – and you can also use them to make a visually stunning statement, whether by investing in one large mirror or a collection of smaller styles clustered together.

2. Introduce interesting flooring

When visitors take the first steps into your home, what do you want them to see? The flooring in your hallway can make a big difference to the feeling people get when entering your home – do you want simple, neutral floors that make the hallway feel like a smooth transition into the next room? Or perhaps you’d like something distinctive like a boldly patterned carpet or detailed mosaic. Given the relatively small area of most hallways, this is a great place to experiment with flooring that speaks volumes.

3. Make your hallway your gallery

This is the space through which everyone enters and leaves your home so it makes sense to have a hallway that reflects the people in it. Turn your entrance into an art gallery with family photos, great memories and images of the places you’ve been adorning the walls. Not only will you creative a distinctive space that has real character but you’ll also get a rush of good feeling every time you walk through.

4. Turn your hallway into a storage solution

There’s so much you can do with a hallway to help solve storage problems in the rest of the home, even if you’re limited on space. Wall hooks are ideal for hallways, offering somewhere to hang everything from house keys to handbags, and why not add a couple of wall hung shelves or storage cubes for wallets, make up, dog leash, sunglasses and mirrors to make it easier to get out of the door on time? The hallway is also a great place for a shoe rack or shelves, avoiding muddy footprints through the house and ensuring shoes are exactly where they should be – by the door.

5. Make it bright

Paint or wallpaper are two of the simplest ways to transform any space and, as hallways are so small, such a transformation is quick and easy to achieve. Opt for bright and welcoming paint shades such as a sunny yellow or a bold green or make a statement with stylishly patterned wallpaper.


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