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Transform your lounge – Best Practices

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Whether you’re sharing your home with lots of others or just the cat, the lounge is one room where most of us spend a lot of time. It’s also the space that gets the most significant wear and tear, used for everything from board games and family gatherings to TV dinners. If you feel like you need to transform your lounge then there are some simple ways to transform it – all for under £100.

Repaint the walls

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Painting is probably the most straightforward option when it comes to bringing new life to an old room. It has two main benefits: you can change the feel of the room by painting it a different colour and at the same time you can give the space a better quality by covering up old scuffs, marks and faded colour spots. Put some serious thought into the colours you choose – a dramatic, dark colour, for example, is not something that you can add to a room where you’re not buying furniture to match. Light, bright neutrals are always easy to work with an look great when finished.

Change the curtains

wrap-around-white-sheer-curtains (1)

Especially when the seasons start to change, the window drapes can play a big role in getting the most out of your living room. As summer arrives, replace darker drapes with almost sheer curtains in light, summery colours such as white or the palest of pinks. Blinds are a very cost effective option and have the advantage of allowing light to flow in through the entire window when rolled up.

Update the accessories


If you don’t have the resources to do something major like replacing all the furniture or re-carpeting the floors then focus on the details instead. Bring colour to a faded sofa with jewel bright scatter cushions or place a large mirror in a position that will add a new dimension to a room. You might want to consider investing in a fresh cover for a sofa that has seen better days or choose a new, luxurious rug for the floor.

Rethink your lights


You can completely change the feel of your lounge by altering the way that you light it. Introduce a free standing floor lamp for additional light, as well as an added sense of drama, or opt for table lamps for that cosy, club like feel. Replace lampshades that have seen better days with new ones or upgrade a light fitting to a design feature by choosing a statement hanging light. Consider introducing new levels of lighting into your lounge to create more of a 3D effect and to divide up areas that have different functions.

Move your furniture around

Porada - Hamilton Chest of Drawers

This is the simplest way to make your lounge feel completely transformed and all you need is the muscle to do it. Try to come up with a plan to use the space better – how could the room be more functional, easier to keep tidy or aesthetically pleasing? If you find that your planning reveals the space is overcrowded then think about minimising and disposing of some of what you have.

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