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UK Celebs Homes – A Sneak Peek

‘Interiors envy’ – it’s something all of us who have a bit of a ‘thing’ for interior design and home wares experience more regularly than we should. And who brings out the worst in us? Well, other interior designers, of course, but also celebrities (that’s because their homes have been designed by experts). And don’t believe for one minute that all those luxurious ‘to die for’ mansions are in California or New Hampshire. We have our own must-see retreats right here in the UK too. Here are seven UK celebs homes that are certainly worth a peek:

Jemma Kidd


First up is Countess Jemma Kidd. She commissioned interior designer Penny Morrison to help her furnish her English country mansion in Hampshire.  The South African decorator appreciates an ‘eclectic’ look and likes rooms to look as if the possessions and furniture in them have been “collected over the years.” Ms Kidd, the mother of six year old twins, likes her rooms to be “comforting, warm and inviting.”

Wayne and Colette Rooney


All that is pretty much the opposite of what famous English footballer Wayne Rooney and wife Colleen are after. Their very contemporary pad boasts large white ‘sink into’ sofas, plenty of glass to allow in light, and the latest in high tech. The pair, who have two primary age sons, definitely enjoy more of a minimalist living style:

Florence Welch


Fans of award-winning singer Florence Welch won’t be too surprised to find the lead singer of Florence & The Machine’s London pad has a bit of a country cottage Bohemian feel to it.  It’s all about the tongue and groove panelling and antique prints.

The singer, who turns 30 this year, has also filled her home full of vintage items and family heirlooms.

Mary Portas


It’s all very eclectic and a touch mid-century feel in the North London home of broadcaster and retail expert Mary Portas. Now also an author, Portas shares her home with partner Mel and son Horatio. She’s obviously a fan of colour (particularly orange) and clean, straight lines in her home environment (we really didn’t see her as the ‘fluffy’ type):

Lulu Guinness


Definitely verging on the fluffy, designer Lulu Guinness has a gorgeous romantic-style pastel living room. A large gilt mirror and plum velvet chair also point to plenty of glamour in the interior of this Victorian terraced house in England’s capital.

Henry Holland


Staying with designers (because we love their creativity), next up is the home of London-based fashion designer Henry Holland. His Hackney Victorian terraced home, which he shares with his partner and French bulldog called Peggy is – like his clothing collections – quirky and colourful.

Dom and Steph (of Gogglebox fame)65851_CHO120331_IMG_04_0001_max_656x437

The nation were no longer be able to glimpse the sitting room of celebrity Gogglebox couple Dom and Steph on a weekly basis after the couple put their home up for sale (at a price tag of £3.5million). The Grade I listed Kent property (a B&B) boasts 16 bathrooms and 14 bathrooms. If your own bathroom doesn’t quite live up to these but want to maximise it’s potential, please do refer to this guide.

Queen Elizabeth II


And finally, one of the most famous sitting rooms in the land has to be that of The Queen. In a rare photo shoot, she recently revealed the décor of her private sitting room to the nation. Her sitting room is a neutral cream backdrop with red and gold accents (very fitting for the head of the Monarchy). The quality of the furniture and fabrics is obvious.

Which of the above styles do you prefer?  You can find more ideas for your sitting room in our shop or on our website.


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