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World-renowned Liberty Art Fabrics come courtesy of Liberty in London, a Regent Street department store in the West End and one of the most prestigious in the world. Liberty came into being in 1875 and has occupied a premises on Regent Street ever since, selling a wide variety of luxury goods, including clothes, cosmetics, accessories, gifts and, of course, fabrics.

Liberty is particularly known for the intricate floral and graphic prints that grace its fabrics. Stunning Ottoman paisleys, mirage mosaics, delicate Oriental florals and tantalising Indian laces represent the true convergence of cultures that Liberty is famous for.

Here at Vale Furnishers, we recognise that our customers are looking for the most beautiful and lavish furniture in the UK. This is why, even though we are a furniture store rather than a fabric store, we have added a selection of Liberty Art Fabrics and Liberty-upholstered chairs to our repertoire. It is so we can bring some of Liberty's prestige and opulence out of London and right to the doorsteps of our customers.


Liberty Art Fabrics - beautiful floral cushions and chairs

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Liberty Art Fabrics - Capello Shell Velvet Cushion in Stream
£150 £115
Liberty Art Fabrics - Floral Clay Linen Cushion in Wood Fairy
£95 £71
Liberty Art Fabrics - Hera Mermaid Linen Union Cushion
£95 £71
Liberty Art Fabrics - Jeffery Rose Tree Cushion in Wild Pony
£105 £78
Liberty Art Fabrics - Lady Kristina Cushion
£135 £99
Liberty Art Fabrics - September Roslynd Cushion in Onyx
£95 £71
Liberty Art Fabrics - Wallace Secret Garden Linen Cushion in Grey Mist
£95 £71