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Schotten And Hansen

We are delighted to announce our engagement with Schotten & Hansen as an official UK Partner offering their full range of wood flooring and wood veneers for walls, doors and cabinetry. Schotten & Hansen create bespoke handmade wood flooring and veneer products in their workshop in Bavaria, Germany that truly enhance the natural beauty and aesthetics of wood through their unique and patented surface cleansing, finishing and colouration processes, using only resins and oils found naturally in both the tree and its fruits, creating a natural and superior quality of wood finish and structure. A Schotten & Hansen wood floor and veneer will stand the test of time and never require sanding to restore or enhance its natural beauty over the life of the floor. With floorboard widths ranging from 160mm – 360mm and board lengths of 2m – 5m a Schotten & Hansen floor will stand out from any other.

Schotten & Hansen pride themselves on their unrivalled reputation for producing the highest quality wood flooring and veneers available today. Their products are suitable for use in Residential, Commercial and Yachting applications, offering a durable, aesthetically enhancing and waterproof real wood floor or veneer to meet all interior design schemes from Contemporary to Traditional. Schotten & Hansen supply customers around the world to meet the demands and expectations of what only the best can offer.

Schotten and Hansen flooring is made bespoke for each project and below you’ll find an example of their latest work. For further information on the range of handmade Schotten & Hansen wood flooring and veneers please contact us.