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Mammoth has been helping people ease aches and pains and get a great night’s sleep for years. The Mammoth story began when our founder John Tuton worked in healthcare, providing medical mattresses for some seriously unwell patients.

After getting injured playing rugby and struggling to find a comfortable night’s rest, John developed the first Mammoth prototype using leading sleep technology used in healthcare. After getting a great night’s sleep, John had a ‘eureka’ moment. He asked why anyone should wait until pain or poor health strikes to get maximum rest and recuperation from their mattress.

Mammoth was born with the aim of helping anyone and everyone sleep better, feel better and make the most of every day.
Based on thousands of hours of front-line health experience and expertise, Mammoth mattresses are scientifically tested and shown to improve sleep and are endorsed by health professionals.

Mammoth is proud to work in partnership with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and are even NHS award winners. At the core of every Mammoth mattress is
Medical Grade™ Foam and PostureCell® technologies which were designed specifically to improve sleep.