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Round and About Jan
Laurel and Hardy, Gin and Tonic, Strawberries and Cream - some things were made to complement each other. So here's another - Colour and Contemporary.

Everyone loves an interior trend, but form must follow function. When creating a living space, it is paramount that the room works with your lifestyle, however, getting the basics right are even more important. The first thing to consider should definitely be the sofa; this is the one piece of furniture that will determine the rest of the room’s style. Most of us do not have pockets deep enough to permanently adhere to seasonal interior trends, so it’s wise to choose versatile colours – such as mid-greys or neutral tones. If you favour the contemporary look, don’t let yourself be restricted to black and white – which can often leave your living space feeling minimal.

Splashes of colour can transform an adults-only domain into a fun family space, and Seaport is tipped to be one of the hottest colours for 2015. As you can see here, this oceanic hue complements both natural materials such as wood, as well as monochromatic block colours such as white, grey, and black. Teal hues are perfect for providing those rich jewel shades that are so desirable over the winter months, but will also ensure your home stays stylish into summer 2015.

Calligaris is an all-Italian manufacturer, who continually strive to combine sophistication with vibrant colours through their innovative fu..  [click to read more]rniture designs. Using the most technologically advanced materials including glass, metal, ceramic, and technopolymers; Calligaris have created an extensive catalogue of unmistakeable yet affordable pieces – including dining tables, chairs, sideboards, occasional tables, shelving, sofas, as well as rugs and ornaments.

The Calligaris 2014 range is enriched with pieces intended to become authentic icons of everyday design. Their newest collection includes tables and chairs that embrace style, taste and functionality - to cater for the needs of modern living. Essential forms, lightness and a playful approach to colour; the Lam Dining Table (seen above) is characterised by pure lines and metal detail that contrast subtley with its wooden frame. Such pieces demonstrate Calligaris’ principle objective to create furniture that will ensure ease of use, whilst reflecting a contemporary taste that does not compromise.

Vale Furnishers’ Farnham showroom is proud to be recognised as a Calligaris Gallery – and the first in the UK to stock their new collection.

Vale Furnishers stock a unique range of contemporary furniture and home accessories to help you transform any living space. Providing interior inspiration over two extensive showrooms - located in Ash Vale and Farnham, Vale Furnishers have over 50 years’ experience and above all, an exceptional reputation for quality and service. Vale Furnishers is the place to visit if you’re looking to enhance your home with furniture, lighting, artwork or soft furnishings, with every style catered for - including minimal contemporary, iconic vintage and one-off eclectic pieces.

Vantage Point Feb
A hotel is no longer just a bed for the night, a quick stopover or a break in your journey - it has become an experience in itself. Hotels these days are often filled with glamourous sofas, dark decor and rich curtains, balanced gently with contemporary tones which not only bring the room to life but make you feel comfortable and somewhat spoilt.

We leave feeling special, invigorated, and maybe even a little inspired by the style. After a recent night away I decided to dedicate an area in the Farnham showroom to this theme by creating a boutique space filled with velvets, opulent wallpapers and coppery accents that would inspire you.

Now finished, the area feels grown-up, sophisticated and creates a ‘5 star’ luxurious space. We have used a mixture of colours as the ‘boutique’ theme doesn’t have to be restricted to dark tones. Damask inspired wallpapers and panelling flow throughout the area and sofas mingle with dining and living furniture to create the full experience.

Homes can have a mixture of styles; open plan living spaces naturally tend to be more modern and give you the flexibility of blending the kitchen and dining areas together. However, to escape today’s busy world, homes often need to have some separate areas that still allow you that personal space.

Start moving your living room into Spring whilst maintaining the comfort and warmth of Winter by pairing bold coloured accessories with sof..  [click to read more]t, sumptuous velvets and a sofa you can snuggle into. Of course, you cannot be expected to change your sofa with the season, but an elegantly glamourous sofa such as the Elise in a natural hue can be easily dressed to suit every interior trend.

Gone are the days when artificial plants were a bit of an eyesore - more often we are finding beautifully crafted foliage to help soften your home without the hassle of nurturing indoor plants. Here we have dressed the coffee table with delicate lifelike potted lavender to help create a subtle yet effective focal point.

Vale Furnishers has been helping people create their own perfect interior for 55 years, and now with two showrooms offering different products in each, we feel confident that we can help you find your ideal look.

Creating your perfect interior isn’t just about the furniture, the rugs, lamps and accessories are what makes your house a home. We source from all over the globe to find interesting and unusual pieces that you will not find in every high street shop.

Lighting plays a large role when creating your perfect interior. We have just started to work with SLAMP, an Italian lighting brand new to the UK, they offer a wide range of table and floor lamps with most collections also featuring wall and ceiling lights to help complete the look.

Allow our showroom to inspire you and give you both the support and confidence you need to create your own idyllic living space. Visit us in store or online at www.valeinteriors-surrey.co.uk

Round and About March
This years Spring trends are a calming combination of grey and pastel tones highlighted by copper accessories or occasional gloss highlights. The gentle blend of muted colours is not only easy on the eye but the unfussy, utilitarian style helps create a relaxing atmosphere just as our bodies and minds are awakening to Spring.

Muted tones are easily dressed to suit any interior trend so go for a simple yet practical sofa which suits your needs in a subtle natural colour. This way, whatever the season, you can add accessories and keep your home looking fresh without spending a fortune. These scatter cushions by Jessica Zoob are a beautiful way of dressing your sofa this Spring and available for a limited time only, this sofa complete with five of them, is on display at our Farnham showroom.

This Spring is about keeping things simple. Choose just one or two colours to bring your room to life. Using soft pastel shades help relax our bodies and minds after a busy days work, pair them with bold statement pieces to save your living room from becoming dull and boring. Metallic colours, specifically coppers show no sign of going anywhere so why not invest in a feature piece such as this large copper clock. We’re also beginning to see the use of mixed metals so don’t be afraid to use copper, gold and silver together. When using bold, decorative pieces, be sure to allow space to flow around them to help bring the object to life.

..  [click to read more]/> Try introducing bold graphic patterns to your tranquil environment. Striking designs will add a new dynamic to your living space whilst still keeping a fresh, contemporary feel.

We’re always hearing that you can make a small room appear bigger with the use of mirrors and whilst this is true, you shouldn’t feel put off from using them in large spaces too. Mirrors help create openness and transparency in rooms of all shapes and sizes – perfect for embracing the freshness of Spring! Using seasonal cut flowers is a beautiful way of softening any space and always leaves a gorgeous aroma to welcome guests into.

At Vale Furnishers we pride ourselves on being able to offer one of the largest furniture collections in the South East, so between our two stores, you’re guaranteed to find something you love. We also stock a wide range of accessories for all those finishing touches – making your house a home.

Guildford Magazine, January
Urban Sofa, Follower Rug, Low-T Coffee Table, Tender Side Table, Big Wave Floor Lamp, Division, Lam Table, MS4 Chair, Volcans Suspension Lamp, Calligaris Objects

Guildford Magazine, December
Antler Mirror, Stag Candle Holder , Glass & Wood Specimen Dome, Reclaimed Wine Rack, Eclectic Roosevelte Sideboard, Tetrad Harris Tweed Bowmore Chair, Voyage Maison Mr Pheasant Ceres Footstool, Stag Book Ends, Eclectic Leather Effect Trunks, Voyage Maison Hazel Velvet Cushion, Tetrad Harris Tweed Mackenzie Chair £, Wine Bottle Carrier, Antler Floor Lamp, Top Hat Ice Bucket, Silver Metal Drinks Tray, Tetrad Harris Tweed Bowmore Stool, Calvin Klein Mangrove Rug, Cowhide Rug, Tetrad Harris Tweed Castlebay Midi Sofa, Antler Table Lamp, Militaria Dog Portrait , Tetrad Harris Tweed Bowmore Grand Sofa, Stirrup Picture Frame

Guildford Magazine November
Candido Dining Chair, Kansas Dining Table, Assemblage Storage Module, Bouche Table Lamp, Origami Rabbit, Mantel Clock, Flos Arco Floor Light, Barcelona Chair/Stool, Italian Grand Prix Artwork, Royan Chaise Sofa, Jan Constantine Iconic London Cushion, Knitted Scatters, Ayr Lamp Table, De Poortere Vintage Collection Rug, Orchid Display

Round and About Advertorial
Monochrome has been in fashion for decades now, and shows no sign of going anywhere. Style icon Coco Chanel was a keen advocate of monochrome style, both in clothes and in interiors. Talking about the trend, she said 'Black comprises everything. So does white. They possess absolute beauty: they are in perfect harmony.'

Winter 2014 has seen monochrome palettes become ever more present in cosy interiors. Monochrome is often associated with high fashion, and equally high price tags – but you don’t have to be a millionaire to use this opulent style in your home.

Monochrome is typically complemented by polished chrome and bold geometric patterns, which can often leave your living space feeling stark and impersonal. Here we show how monochrome can blend effortlessly with almost any existing interior – whether it be contemporary, vintage, or avivid eclectic look.

Don’t be afraid to soften a monochrome look, for a contemporary twist on this key design trend, introduce rich cobalts and slate greys as alternatives to black as these shades will prove to be an equally dramat ic contrast. As seen here, we have implemented these milder tones through accessories, whilst also offering several textures. For example, oversized chunky knit cushions not only add warmth to modern leather upholstery, but they are the perfect accessory for those upcoming Winter months .

If you’re feeling adventurous, why not embrace the l..  [click to read more]atest trend for neon by i nt roducing coloured light fittings, bold artwork or decorative cushions to create a more vibrant space? Eye catching lighting , as with any striking accessories can bring a room to life. For example, the Arco floor lamp discreetly int roduces marble to this already stylish living space.

Designed in 1962, and still as iconic today, the Arco floor lamp was designed by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioi; this elegant piece of lighting demonst rates the perfect balance between vintage styling and contemporary design. Wanting to produce an overhead light without the hassle of wiring , Arco was inspired by a street lamp and stands at over two metres tall .

Maximising light within the home can enhance the illusion of space, something which many worry about when embracing darker hues within their décor. Furthermore, the elegant curvature of Arco’s telescopic stem stylishly softens the angular designs throughout the furniture; whilst the stainless steel appropriately complements such pieces.

Whichever interior styles you choose to implement within your home, the living room should not only be lived in, but should resonate with those living there. At Vale Furnishers , we pride ourselves on the extensive styles on offer – from luxury Italian leather upholstery, to rustic farmhouse dining, and eclectic pieces inspired by the industrial look.

Premier Magazine Winter Editorial
Embrace the winter. Selecting the right combinationa of soft furnishings, lighting and accessories can turn any room into a cosy space in which to escape the cold weather.

Premier Magazine Cover Feature
Embracing the British winter. Inside or out.

Farnham Living November 2014
Monochrome has been in fashion for decades now, and shows no sign of going anywhere. Style icon Coco Chanel was a keen advocate of monochrome style; both in clothes and in interiors. Monochrome is typically complemented by polished chrome and bold geometric patterns, which can often leave your living space feeling stark and impersonal. Here we show how monochrome can blend effortlessly with almost any existing interior - whether it be contemporary, vintage, or a softer eclectic look.

Whichever interior style you choose to implement within your home, the livingroom should not only be lived in, but should resonate with those living there. At Vale Furnishers, we pride ourselves on the extensive styles on offer. View our full product offering at www.valeinteriors-surrey.co.uk

Farnham Living November 2014 Interiors Feature
Keep it clean by Gabrielle Pike. Now that autumn is here, create the ultimate living space with fresh design ideas for an inspirational modern look, guaranteed to lighten up grey November days and nights. Select a contemporary style with clean lines in monochrome and brighten up modern neutrals with splashes of colour...

Your living room is the most treasured space in the house, which can serve a multitude of functions. Froma formal sitting area, for reading, relaxing, watching TV, playing games, to entertaining and spending time with the family, a contemporary design will tick all the boxes. A well-designed living area benefits from a sofa, a coffee table and a focal point such as a fireplace, bookshelves or entertainment centre...

Bedrooms are an extension of our living space and we now tend to spend more time in them, treating them as a personal refuge.With the right pieces, even the smallest bedroom can appear larger and less enclosed...

Meanwhile, a modern kitchen has to be functional, inviting and practical, as it is often the hub of the house. No matter how small or large your space is, you can still create a striking look, incorporating the essential triangle workspace. Storage, lighting and appliances are key aspects in any layout.

Guildford Magazine October 2014
Di Legno Oak Slat Dining Table, Kartell Mr Impossible Dining Chair, Vegaz letter, Flos kTribe S Pendant Lamp in Aluminized bronze, Rise Staple Wall Shelf, Kent Armchair, Rise Forte Stool, Flamingo Corner Group, Jessica Zoop linen scatter cushions, Juanma Reyes Original Painting, Calvin Klein Lunar Rug, Calvin Klein Maya Rug, Di Legno Haze 4 Door Sideboard, Set of 3 Bowls, Set of 6 Cacus Plants

Farnham Living October 2014
This year has seen Vale Furnishers expand by opening a second showroom in the picturesque craft town of Farnham, Surrey. The additional store space has allowed Vale Furnishers to represent an extensive catalogue of brands alongside hand-picked accessories, artwork, lighting, and soft furnishings to demonstrate how you can introduce the most current interior trends to your own home. soft furnishings to demonstrate how you can introduce the most current interior trends to your own home.

Farnham Living October 2014 Interiors Feature
Join the Dark Side by Gabrielle Pike Bring out the dark side in your home and go indigo this autumn! Use this seasonal's 'hottest' colour in interior design to redecorate an entire room or just to add and update your home with a few well chosen pieces. If you are not ready to embrace these decidedly inky tones, opt for any shade of grey instead to create and achieve a stylish look. Mixed with natural wood and shiny metal, it softens the effect and creates an inviting ambience...

Luxury is the new austerity - as opposed to make and mend - and you can create a lavish look anywhere in your home with simple but stylish accessories. The buzzword this autumn is “Beautility” - combining functional objects with stylish design. Look for anything that spells utilitarian elegance, from simple crockery, pots and pans to furnishings and room designs in traditional honest materials that will gain character with age...

Family values retained A modern furniture store came to Farnham’s East Street this April, offering an extensive range of contemporary and eclectic furniture as well as home accessories under the expertise of its managing director, Mark Chandler. Founded in 1960 by Mark’s grandparents Roy and Violet Chandler in Ash Vale, the business has grown substantially, but always remained a family affair. Mark’s father Alan joined at the age of 16, and Mark took over as MD in 2011.

He remembers: “As with most family businesses, I star..  [click to read more]ted off working for Vale Furnishers pushing a broom around the warehouse on a Saturday. In 1999, I became a full-time buyer and merchandiser and now I am managing director. We are proud to say that our family values have stayed the same over the years - we run the business the way my grandparents did.” Opening their second showroom in Farnham, the company created some striking effects in their new building, attracting a new young and style-conscious customer base.

Vale Furnishers prides itself on the diversity of its products, not only providing customers with a choice of major brands, but also some iconic European manufacturers, with designs from Italy and Germany, which are divided into four collections - Vintage, Casual Living, Eclectic and Contemporary.

“It has been nice to see some familiar as well as new customers at the Farnham store, wanting something a bit different for their homes,” Mark adds. “Our eclectic collection has proven to be a great success - these are marketed as one-off design pieces with the current interior trends in mind, which has also encouraged existing and prospective customers to engage with our social media channels.”

Mark is proud of the great team behind him, some of which have been with Vale Furnishers for nearly 40 years, and he is planning to develop the stores further and boost the company’s online presence by appointing an in-house designer, enabling Vale to adapt to market changes even quicker.

Upholding Family Values
Starting out originally as a small store selling British-manufactured furniture and carpet in Ash Vale, Surrey, family-run retailer Vale Furnishers expanded by opening a second showroom - in Farnham - earlier this year. MD Mark Chandler gives Victoria Noakes further insight into the retailer's history and what it stands for today...

Vale Furnishers started its life in 1960 when Mark’s grandparents, Roy and Violet Chandler, founded a furniture business in a newlybuilt parade in Ash Vale, selling goods mainly sourced from British suppliers. At the age of 16, Mark’s father Alan joined the company to help run the store, and business started to expand as his eye for retail shone through. Shortly after this, Roy and Violet bought the shop next door – doubling the size of the showroom – and after a few years, went on to convert the flats above.

30 years later, Vale moved across the road into a purpose-built showroom, where its head office and Ash Vale showroom remain to this day. In 2009, the retailer saw further growth by opening up a whole new floor – displaying some of the finest European brands in an attempt to diversify its furniture offering. This took the store to an impressive 36,000ft² spread over four floors.

“As with most family-run businesses, I started working for Vale Furnishers pushing a broom around the warehouse on a Saturday. My full-time role within the business was as a buyer and merchandiser in 1999, and then..  [click to read more] I took over from my father as managing director in 2011,” explains Mark.

Although Vale has grown substantially over the years, maintaining the welcoming feel of a small store is central to the retailer’s philosophy. It is this personal service which keeps its customers returning again and again, with nearly 80% of Vale’s business coming from recommendation and re-orders. Emphasis is put on the extensive training which is given to each member of its sales team – to ensure they possess a superior level of product knowledge and can offer invaluable advice to every customer. What is more, Vale’s staff are not commission based, which allows for further concentration on providing the best service possible.

“We’re proud to say that our family values have stayed the same over the years – we run the business the way my grandparents did, by concentrating on serving the local area. We’re not interested in selling nationwide, which means that those who buy from us really get a first-class experience. Our aim is to provide customers with an inviting and friendly atmosphere, where the focus is on their needs, and top quality service and product.”

In April, Vale opened its second showroom – located in Farnham – which added another 20,000ft² of contemporary and eclectic furniture onto the retailer’s already-vast offering, creating 10 new jobs in the local area. Vale has embraced the new building by investing in a unique walkway which links the two on-site showrooms, creating a striking effect. The purpose of the Farnham store is to broaden Vale’s customer base to a younger, more styleconscious demographic.

“We mainly target the middle to upper end of the market – our Ash Vale store has generally always catered for the 55-plus customer – but our new premises has now allowed us to widen our reach. It’s been really nice to see familiar faces – loyal Ash Vale customers – visiting the Farnham store and wanting to try something different in their homes,” Mark says.

Vale Furnishers prides itself on the diversity of its product range – not only providing its customers with a choice of major brands including Stressless, G Plan, Parker Knoll and Ercol, but also some of the most iconic European manufacturer names, such as Calligaris, Porada, Cattelan Italia and Venjakob. Although Vale stocks a wide variety of brands, the retailer also puts a lot of focus on its own debranded offering, which is divided into four collections – Vintage, Casual Living, Eclectic and Contemporary.

“With our extensive offering, we aim to cater to different tastes, ages and budgets – which, with two ample showrooms only four miles apart, we are capable of doing – but what really sets us apart is our debranded collections, which allow us to retain our customers. At the moment, the industry is so diverse – everyone has different tastes which are constantly changing,” reflects Mark.

“Our Eclectic collection has proven to be a great success – these are marketed as one-off pieces designed with the current interior trends in mind. The nature of the collection has encouraged both our existing and prospective customers to engage with our social media channels, which is a really positive thing.”

Clearly, maintaining a balance between holding onto ingrained family-like principles and history and being open to evolution is something that Vale is adept at, and this has no doubt been a great contributor to its success today. Mark emphasises the importance of the “great team” behind the retailer, with some of the sales team having been a part of it for nearly 40 years. “That experience really resonates with customers,” Mark states.

Looking to the future, Vale’s long-term goal is to continue to develop its two stores – in particular Farnham. In addition, the retailer is planning to boost its online presence by appointing an in-house designer, keeping in mind that “retail businesses should never underestimate the continual need to evolve.”

“We’re proud to say that our family values have stayed the same over the years – we run the business the way my grandparents did”

“This is especially true for independents,” Mark continues. “Retailers seem to get distracted by what is happening on a national scale with potential competitors, and not focus on their own business. The large chains are always going to exist, but the independent retailers need to remember that they have the upper hand. We have the ability to adapt to market changes quicker, and need to do so in order to survive.”

All set for Carnival capers
With only a few weeks to go, excitement is building as participants and organisers get ready for this year's Farnham, Carnival procession and fayre. The event takes place on Saturday, June 28, with the fayre in Gostrey Meadow opening at 2pm and the procession starting at 6pm, Procession participant's are already busy designing and building their entries, costumes are being sewn and banners..

Furniture News
Vale to open in Farnham Vale Furnishers will be expanding into the Surrey market town of Farnham next month. The 20,OOO sq ft store will be located in the former Mac&Mac Interiors showroom in East Street, after the contemporary furnishings company went into administration at the end of 2013.

Vale Furnishers has operated in Ash Vale since it was founded in 1960, and continues to be an acclaimed independent furnisher retailer. Today, the business is run by Mark Chandler, the third generation of the Chandler family. The new site will allow Vale to expand key ranges from popular brands like G Plan Vintage, Voyage Maison, alongside the Vale Furnishers' Casual Collection.

Cabinet Maker
Hampshire indie sets April expansion date Heritage independent retail business Vale Furnishers has announced the impending launch of its second outlet this April at the former Mac&Mac Interiors showroom in Farnham.

The near 60-year old company, led by current custodian and managing director Mark Chandler, will mark the opening with the introduction of new designs from fresh suppliers such as Cattelan Italia, Porada and Tonon.

Vale Furnishers has traded from its branch in Ash Vale, Aldershot since i960, housing products from renowned industry names that include Calligaris, Skovby, Ercol and G Plan Upholstery. The new 2O,ooosq ft premises - located on the Fast Street stretch of Farnham - became available following the demise of its former owner at the turn of the year.

A company spokesperson said: "Vale Furnishers will be expanding into the desirable Surrey market town of Farnham. We will be located in the former Mac&Mac Interiors showroom in Fast Street, Farnham; after the contemporary furnishings company went into administration at the end of 2013.

"The Vale Furnishers Farnham showroom is a fantastic opportunity to showcase a wider variety of cutting-edge designs from current manufacturers, as well as new brands."

Star Courier August 2013

A Vintage corner of a family business in Ash Vale has been decorated to celebrate the shop bringing in items that hark back to the early days of it's existence. 

Vale Furnishers has begun stocking a G Plan Vintage range of furniture which is similar to that which the grandparents of managing director Mark Chandler sold when they first opened the shop in 1960. 

The Fifties and Sixites inspired ranges have items named after the year in which the originals were created. 

One armchair in the range is based on the 'World's Most Comfortable Chair' that featured in the 1967 James Bond film You Only Live Twice, sat on by villain Blofeld with his white cat. 

"G Plan were one of the first manufacturers that my grandparents stocked when they opened Vale Furnishers in 1960," said Mr Chandler. "It is exciting to now be able to offer the new G Plan Vintage range which is inspired by the original pieces my family sold." 

An area of the ground floor has been dedicated to pieces that share vintage influences to create a more dramatic visual effect for customers.

Sunday Times Beds August 2011
Choosing the correct bed is vital to getting a perfect night's sleep and we would be pleased to welcome you to our 36,000 sq ft store where you can see beds of all shapes, sizes and styles. Manufacturers such as Tempur utilise the latest technology to produce mattresses and beds that offer a wonderfully supportive and The revolutionary Tempur mattresses features a memory foam interior that adapts to your body's every contour, creating a sleep surface that is both soft and comfortable, yet still firm enough to offer fantastic support. View the new range of Tempur Cloud mattresses in store NOW!

Sunday Times Contemporary
At Vale Furnishers we have a wide selection of attractive and stylish accent chairs which offer the perfect way of adding a bold finishing touch to the home. These chairs come in a wide range of styles, shapes and sizes which make them an attractive option for relaxing with a book or unwinding in front of the television at the end of a long day! V ale Furnishers is renowned for hosting one of the most extensive collections of home furniture in the South-East of England. Our 36,000 square foot showroom houses many famous furniture brands. The Design Collection highlights the best in modern design and style, allowing you huge flexibility. a Vale Furnishers designed For Style Like the Pepper chair shown above, many items can be upholstered in a wide range of fabrics or leathers to either contrast with your existing suite or act as a more subtle, inviting chair to fill a corner of the room. Why not pop into our Ash Vale store today, we are certain you will find the perfect piece for your home!

Sunday Times Calligaris
Vale Furnishers is renowned for hosting one of the most extensive collections of home furniture in the South-East of England. Our 36,000 square foot showroom houses many famous furniture brands. The modern Calligaris range highlights the best in Italian design and style, allowing for huge flexibility with so many finishes and sizes available.

On display, we have a wide range of Calligaris tables, chairs, sideboards, occasional, bedroom, sofas and even accessories. Our large Calligaris gallery will allow you to see first hand, the fantastic variety of colour and styles. Matching or contrasting materials allow you to follow your tastes and combine different materials as you see fit.

Fixed or extending tables, large or small, the depth of range will astound you and offer the perfect piece for your home.

Add a splash of colour to your home with the Calligaris Jam or Parisienne dining chairs. They are available in a wide range of colours from fuchsia to smoked grey. To see the full range visit our Ash Vale showroom today or visit www.valefurnishers.co.uk/Calligaris.asp

Hampshire Life Oct10
Clocks aren't just for making sure you're on time for work; they also provide an eye-catching interior feature. Take a few moments to peruse some splendid designs that'll make the ideal fin ishing touch for any stylish home By ANTONIA EDWARDS 1. Silverdale wall clock with automatic night silence facility and moon dial, £4,279 from a range at Vale Furnishers.

Surrey Life Sept 2010
Celebrating its 50th anniversary, this family-run business is probably the largest and most diverse furniture store in the county. Spread out over four floors and accessed by a fabulous staircase, each level is arranged in lifestyle room settings to make your choice of furniture simple. The G-Plan gallery, featuring 16 collections, is all about comfortable seating in soft, neutral fabrics, displayed with rugs and accessories to liven the look. Upstairs, the recently opened Design Collection is more cutting edge with glossy tables and storage in black or white with feature chairs in amazing fabrics. Elsewhere, there are comfortable beds, swivelling love seats, smart office furniture and clever lighting to enhance any room.

Surrey and Hants news Phyllis Tuckwell
Andrew Cox, from Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice,in Famham, receives a cheque for £1,715 from Mark Chandler, Director at Vale Furnishers. From Seplember 17th to 20th, the Ash Vale furniture store celebrated their 50th anniversary, by inviting customers to enjoy a glass of bubbly, a slice of birthday cake, to pick from a lucky dip, or donate money to the hospice or Cancer Research UK (who received £1,285 at the presentation evening on Monday).

Speaking to the Surrey and Hants News, Mr Cox said: It takes £10,000 a day to run our services. We get less than 16% of the hospices costs from the NHS. This means they have to fundraise 84p in every pound the hospice needs to spend, so we rely heavily on the support and generosity of our local community and initiatives such as this at Vale Furnishers.

He added: We are very grateful to Mark and his team.

VF News Paper Clipping

Vale furnishers in Wharf Road, Ash Vale marked it's 50th anniversary last weekend with a four-day birthday bonanza. 

Customers celebrated with a glass of bubbly and a slice of birthday cake at an in-store event from September 17-20. 

With every purchase made over the four fays, customers were invited to pick from a lucky dip to win a Vale birthday gift. Prizes ranged from discount vouchers and leather recliners, to donation pledges to Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice and Cancer Research UK. 

Mark Chandler, director at Vale Furnishers, presented £1,715 to the hospice and £1,285 to Cancer Research UK. 

He said: "A huge thank you to all our customers for coming along to celebrate with us and to all our staff for their loyalty and commitment over the years"

Cabinet Maker Jan2010
Vale Furnishers has announced that it won't be implementing the January VAT change until February to encourage footfall in the New Year. The Aldershot based independent retailer revealed that during January 2010 it will be freezing the VAT at 15% for one month to encourage shoppers to spend after Christmas. Mark Chandler, merchandise director, explained: "I hope that by writing to our customer just after the change will make them realise they haven't missed out and encourage them to visit the store." However, looking at the VAT change to 17.5% in a positive manor, Vale Furnishings views it as an opportunity to build on customer relationships, "I think the VAT change has presented us with an opportunity to talk to our customers again, We will always try and make the best out of any situation, if you stay positive and work hard I strongly believe that the best can be found in any situation," "As a small family-owned business, with a very strong team I think we are in a great position to react and change to anything the market presents us," Mr Chandler added.

Local Paper Dec2009
VALE Furnishers wish Herald readers a very happy Christmas. To help you celebrate this festive season in style Vale Furnishers is giving one lucky reader the chance to win a luxury Stressless recliner valued at £1,500! At Vale Furnishers, based in Ash Vale, you will find one of the largest displays of Stressless recliners and sofas in Surrey. The company's dedicated and professional staff will be able to help you find the Stressless chair that is tailored to suit to you. The winner of this fabulous piece,of furniture can choose from a selection of leather and wood colours, ensuring you find the perfect chair for your home. The ultimate in comfort, Stressless is made the way all great Furniture should be: uncompromising in quality and innovative in design. It means that when you choose a Stressless recliner or sofa for your home, you're making a statement - telling everyone that you appreciate quality, style and, above all, comfort. To take a look at the Stresslesss collection and see what you can win go to www.valefurnishers. co. uk/stressless. Vale Furnishers Ltd, Wharf Road, Ash Vale, Aldershot GU12 5AS is open, Monday to Saturday 9am-6pm and on Sundays from 11am to 5pm. Call 01252 325525 It's easy to enter: simply answer the question below right and send your entry on the form provided to reach us no later than Thursday, December 24, 2009 when the editor's decision is final.

Cabinet Maker Dec2009
Increased marketing boosts Vale Furnishers results
Independent furniture retailer Vale Furnishers has revealed "much better" results for the past quarter. The Aldershot retailer reported that total sales to the end of week 18 were up 11% compared to last year after an increase of 20% being spent on marketing campaigns. Mark Chandler, merchandise director at Vale Furnishers, said: "Trade has been much better for the past quarter. We are quietly optimistic about 2010 but we are definitely not through the worst of it yet but signs are positive. Footfall is definitely higher than we expected considering the current climate and timing of the year but overall business is picking up." Having recently added a new Mercedes Sprinter to its fleet, the firm also revealed that its new warehouse will come online in early 2010 which will give the firm the ability to stock more ranges. Mr Chandler added: "Even though it is tough times, we feel that the need to invest in all areas of the company is important, be it from new computers in the office to new vans out on the road."

Bridges Estate Agents 2009
An iconic business!
Vale Furnishers started in the 60's that has grown over the years in Ash Vale. Alan Chandler built the new store across the road from the wharf 15 years ago. Not long after we opened the Ash Vale office.

both Bridges and Vale Furnishers have continued to grow over the years and we are currently watching them undergo their 3rd extension to the building, making them one of the largest family owned and run furniture stores in the south. The store is like Doctor Who's Tardis., and as you walk round the selection is never ending, as the building has grown so has the selection as they now all sofas, dining, beds, carpets, curtains, accessories and lamps.

When we have found the home for you, furnish it with furniture that inspires you from this fantastic local company.

I think like us the reason for their success is service; like buying a house, buying furniture is a major decision, once we have helped you find your perfect home, then it's important to be able to make it yours, their staff are there to guide you into the right decision, not just pounce on you when you walk through the door. 

At times like this a friendly, experienced attitude and first class service is just what we all need.

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Make a Positive Impression

The past 18 months in furniture have, like our planet, been turbulent. Retailers have reacted in very different ways - three difference ways, in fact. 

The first, sadly, was to shut their doors without putting up a fight. The second, more common reaction has been to stick it out y reviewing internal operations, staffing, pricing, supply and other overheads - a common-sense approach that would apply in almost ever other industry. 

However, the third response is more positive. Not only have they bid to increase efficiency, but have stuck two fingers up and moved forward to generate new business. One such retailer is Vale Furnishers in Surrey. 

Vale has just released its latest brochure, and launched a mailing campaign to coincide with advertising. At first glance, the brochure does not give away its identity as a furniture collection - in fact, it looks more like literature from a high-end German car manufacturer. 

Open the first page and, though still no furniture, the company name five the game away. What follows is a personal introduction with photographs of the Vale teams. Though this is not an uncommon approach in brochure design, it has been well executed and gives the impression that these guys like what they do and would welcome you ..  [click to read more]to their store as a customer. 

The rest of the brochure is a collection of ranges from different suppliers, mixed with interesting and thoughtful items such as advice, colour, lighting and some money-off vouchers too!

There are many things I like about this brochure. Its large format feels substantial and memorable - this was not cheap to produce. More important is the success in making the brochure flow - though the ranges portrayed are from different manufacturers, the pictures selected have very similar treatment and colouring. The uncluttered and themed layout further enhances the effect.

Furniture News 2009

Vale Furnishers experiences a bumper weekend as new and existing customers joined the teak in celebrating the opening of the new conservatory at the Ash Vale store in Hampshire, which will provide customers with even more space to browse the extended collection of furniture displayed throughout the store. 

Visitors were welcomed by the team, and invited to explore the new area, which is filled with a wide selection of sofas, cabinets, dining room furniture and an array of accessories. 

Alex Mundell, general manager, Vale Furnishers, says "We are really please with the latest expansion to our store and the response from our customers has been fantastic. The opening of our new rooftop conservatory means we now have even more space for our customers to enjoy an enhanced shopping experience, explore the store, test the furniture or even enjoy a cup of freshly ground coffee or tea and their leisure. 

Based on its almost 50 years' experience of supplying quality furniture, Vale Furnishers is committed to ensuring its customers have the perfect environment they need to select their ideal piece of furniture.

Recent research conducted on behalf of G Plan - a best-sellerfor Vale Furnishers - by McCann Erickson Communi..  [click to read more]cation House in April 2009, found that shoppers looking to invest in new furniture visit their local furniture store first for ideas and inspiration. The survey found that customers traditionally spend an average of 16 weeks from the initial idea of purchasing an essential item, such as a sofa, to the actual purchase of the product.

The results highlight the importance of research when buying furniture, and found that at this stage consumers viewed as many sofas as necessary until the perfect match is found. The research also found that while comfort was the most important factor when purchasing a new sofa, many customers felt embarrassed about spending too long testing a sofa or lingering on the showroom floor.

Alex confirms that customer experience is key: "We understand that many of our customers are investing in a significant purchase when they visit our store. They want efficient customer service, but do not want to feel pressurised."

Run by the Chandler family since 1960, Vale Furnishers stocks a wide selection of furniture and furnishings from leading brands including Stressless, Ercol, Collins & Hayes, Skovby, Tempur, Tapley, Nathan, Parker Knoll, Derwent, , Myers, Axminster and Ryalux.

Cabinet Maker 2009
Talking Shop – Mark Chandler
How did you get started in the business?
I never had any intention of going into the furniture business. When I was 18 I worked in nightclubs and bars until the lack of sleep five days a week finally got to me! At that point the family was expanding its residential portfolio and I spent some time painting and decorating. When that ended, I started helping out in the shop in the run up to Christmas, and here I am nine years later. 

In your time, what has been the single most defining episode for the company?
Probably the current recession, after 15 years of solid growth, hitting an economic downturn has been a real eye opener. Just like every other business, we have had to take a look at all aspects of the business, evaluate our strengths and weaknesses and use that information to make decisions going forward. Although the recession has made business more challenging, we have identifies a lot of strengths in our business model; these strengths put us in a good position to keep moving forward despite uncertainty elsewhere in the retail industry. 

What is your business Philosophy?
To always evolve and improve. We aim to do everything as well as we can. From customer service to the efficiency of deliveries, we are always asking the question - "Can we do better?"

What drives you?
I really enjoy creating the structure and environment to run a furniture store. I get a great deal of mo..  [click to read more]tivation from talking to out customers, and hearing their positive comments. It's a huge challenge to keep evolving the business without alienating your existing customers.

The Mail 1994
New Year, new era! The New Year marked the beginning of a new era for a longstanding Ash Vale business.

Vale Furnishers purpose built showrooms opened to the public for the first time on New Years Day.

The showrooms, at the junction of Ash Hill Road and Wharf Road, have been two years in the planning and senior partner Mr Alan Chandler is justifiably proud of his new premises.

More than 20,000 square feet of showroom on three floors has been fitted out with large displays exhibiting the ten most famous names in furniture. 

Mr Chandler said: "The new premises are fully equipped for disabled people. We have incorporated wheelchair ramps and large lifts to make the building fully accessible, which is very important.
"For the children we also have a Lego area, a video machine and The Dungeon - a children's play area."

The new showrooms also boast their own parking facilities.

Vale Furnishers' former premises, further along Wharf Road, will now be let.

Surrey Hants News 1966
“Know your local trader” No.1 – SHOP IN FRIENDLY ASH AND ASH VALE. The Vale Furnishers: When Mr Chandler came to Ash Vale six years ago, he decided to go in for quality first and foremost. The people, not only from the immediate district, but from many miles away, seem to appreciate this. As can be observed from the advertisement, this store offers the products of the best manufacturers. Seventy-five per cent of the business comes as a result of recommendations from existing customers. The proprietor does his own financing of hire purchase accounts, and therefore customers remain individuals and not a number on the file of a finance company.

Surrey Advertiser 2009
Furniture company celebrates 50 years: A Furniture company in Ash Vale will celebrate its 50th anniversary next year after being passed down through three family generations. 

Vale Furnishers was established in 1960 by local couple Roy and Violet Chandler, who opened a 1000sqft showroom in the then newly built The Parade in Wharf Road. 

The company ran successfully for more than three decades, and was then handed down to the Chandler's son, Alan, who joined the company at the age of just 16.

Almost 5 decades after the business began as a small time local furnishing company, Vale Furnishers has grown to fill a 36,000sqft store under the helm of Alan's son Mark Chandler.

Mark, who joined the company 10 years ago when he was 19, has worked his way up to director and runs the firm alongside general manager Alex Mundell, who has been with Vale Furnishers for 20 years.

The loyalty of the staff at the company, which has won numerous business awards including Furniture Retailer of the year is something Mark believes has been vital to its ongoing success. 

"That's probably one of the biggest reasons we're so successful," he said.

"What we do is build up relationships with our customers and none of our staff earn commission, so they are not in it for the quick sale."

Despite the fact that the company has grown tremendously over the past 50 years, Mark explained that he felt ..  [click to read more]Vale Furnishers still had that family orientated small business ethos behind it. 

"Although we have obviously grown, we have always tried to maintain small business principles," he said. 

"If we are not building and expaning, we are putting money into training so that our staff know the products wel and know what it comes to selling a product."

Mark said he hoped the comapny would continue to grow but has ruled out opening another store. 

"We will continue to fine tune the business and make sure our customers are still getting what they want from us' he added. 

It's a continual evolution.

Surrey Advertiser 1995
Industry award for Vale Furnishers. The furniture industry’s coveted Furniture Retailer of the Year Award has gone to Vale Furnishers, of Wharf Road, Ash Vale. The award was presented at the Birmingham NEC Metropole Hotel when 850 guests gathered at a gala dance for the presentation of the industry’s top awards. Jan Leeming, former news reader and TV presenter, compered the presentation of the awards, which are competed for on a national basis and are open to all furniture retailers. Vale Furnishers senior partner Alan Chandler said: “We are obviously delighted to win this award in spite of fierce competition. It shows we have the best products, the best service and the best prices.” Vale Furnishers new 20,000sq ft showroom claims one of the biggest selections of quality furniture in Europe.

Furnishing Profile

When Alan Chandler of Vale Furnishers hosted a celebratory lunch at his showrooms earlier this year, the occasion turned into something of a "who's who in furniture". Or as he puts it. "If somebody had dropped a bomb on us that day you could have decimated the entire furniture industry in one hit."

The cause for celebration was the successful inauguration of Chandler's new premises in Ash Vale near Aldershot on December 27 last year - a move which took their business from around £24,000 per week, to reaping £182,000 in the first seven days of trading. the new store is a mere stone's throw from the site he vacated, but in the last 12 months Chandler has totally tranformed the sompany, with a £2million budget and a simple maxim - think brands and think big'.

Vale Furnishers was established as an independent family firm some 30 years ago, with a 2000sq ft showroom on the original site in the centre of Ash Vale. Alan joined the trade at the age of 17 and pretty soon had taken over from his parents as the head of the business. 

Across the road from the showroom in those days stood a few innocuous buildings - a pub, a garage. But Chandler was less interested in these constructions than the value of the site itself. For years he tried to purchase the land, until the authoritie..  [click to read more]s finally gave him the go-ahead last year - on the condition that whatever he built on it "looked nice". The new store, designed inside and out by Alan himself is ten times the size of the shop the Chandlers ran opposite. with  clean and modern facade. And with a circular tower which now rises above Ash Vale so that you simply can't miss it.

Despite the size of the showroom however, the number of suppliers Chandler has chosen to deal with can still be counted on two hands. Moreover all ten of these names will be instantly recognisable by the furniture buying public. Alan explains the rationale behind this. "The bulk of our business is dine with ten main suppliers and they are all major brands in the middle to upper market. There are three reasons for this.

"The first reason is that we now draw a customer base from roughly a 30 mile radius, and we can do that because with such large displays from each range we can make it worth people's white to come and visit us. The second reason is that because manufacturers have to support their brand image we get an enormous amount of backing in terms or marketing, brochures, ads in glossy magazines and catalogues, which all helps build a strong product following and encourages collectability. Finally, because we are doing greater volume with a smaller number of manufacturers this gives as a great advantage because it gives us buying power and means that we can retain our margins."

Chandler is unphased by the suggestion that brand names are more susceptible to discounting and price wars with nearby competition. His closest geographical neighbours are Allders Army & Navy and Furniture Village in Guildford. But he says, "Of you start discounting you simply can't run an operation like this. Yes we have a loyal customer base after 30 years, but customers aren't stupid - they do shop around. But you can retain your margins. If you present your product properly you will do the business."

Failure he believes results from not investing in displays and he adds "Manufacturers need to take a stronger line if they are to control discounting. Some retailers won't put money into displays. They prefer to buy just enough of the product to keep an account open and use the name, and then switch-sell the consumer to an unbranded product. It costs money to display a product well and therefore you should be able to command a better margin for giving the manufacturer that support."

For those who remain cynical, a guided tour around the Vale showroom on the strength of which turnover has climbed by a staggering 140 per cent, should put paid to any doubts about Chandler's theory. 

Chandler begins in the carpets and curtains department which accounts for around 10 per cent of turnover. He has designed all his own display units for an overall effect, and says, "We are trying to offer a good selection with good presentation, but I have to say that selling carpets and curtains involves a far greater sales effort and more labour than selling furniture"

Moving across the ground floor we pass what Alan describes as, "a reasonable chunk of leather from Frayling", and the new product line from Ekornes - he sold seven chairs within the first week of putting in the display. Given the branding policy it then comes as no surprise to see G Plan heavily featured. Of the High Wycombe brand he says "One year ago we had only 2000sq ft, and the only way to survive was to specialise. e have always run G Plan but we have only been able to do that because we have always had a stock-holding facility with 10,000sq ft of storage space off site. Being able to supply straight from stock gave us a margin when everyone else was working to extend lead times."


Cabinet Maker 1995

To what extend does your shop reflect your personality? Let's face it, it is bound to say something about you isn't it? If you are loud with jackets match, then you have probably got a bright shop with colourful signs clashing with the furniture, just like your tie does with your shirt.

On the other hand, if you're the shy retiring type, you probably keep display restrained, and are not very daring with product selection. 

What, therefore, can one say about Alan Chandler? Product selection in his shop, Vale Furnishers, does not suggest anything dare devil or carefree. G Plan upholstery and Nathan cabinet, for instance, represent solid middle England values. It's not the sort of furniture chosen on a whim. 

Yet Mr Chandler usually has a sun tan, because he spends as much of the winter as he can on the ski slopes. Sounds more like the lifestyle of a playboy rather than an incredibly successful furniture retailer. 

But the truth is that Mr Chandler is rather shrewd. He is only able to spend so much time on the ski slopes because he has put in place such a successful business formula. And any impression that the skiing is pure indulgence should be dispelled. He is chairman of the Ski Club of Great Britain.

A picture starts to build up of someone who doesn't do things ..  [click to read more]by halves. In fact he does things by multiples. Most skiers make do with  week on the slopes, Mr Chandler has several, and most retailers would be happy to be in the position to extend their premises by half as much again: Mr Chandler extended his display area 10 fold when he moved in to his purpose built shop at the beginning of 1994. His shop in Ash Vale has 20,000sq ft of display space. 

Just having a five minute snoop around Vale Furnishers would confirm in one's mind the justification for it winning the Retailer of the Year (one shop) category at the Furniture Industry Awards in January. It is the antithesis of the hotch potch which so often greets prospective buyers of furnishings. Everything is ordered and consistent - even the carpet and curtain display units are specially built for the shop in cherry so as not to soil the effect. A staircase rises impressively from just in front of the car park and High Street entrances delivering, apparently, 92% of those who enter the shop to the first floor and 60% to the second. There are no pillars to block the view, and the room set dividers, which are wired up for lighting from ceiling points, are plain rather and wallpapered so as to allow changes of display without creating clashes. Contemporary oil paintings provide the decoration. The lift and loos would not shame a five star hotel. 

There is not a "sale" or "special offer" sign to be seen anywhere, yet of the shop's £2.85m turnover, 36% is profit, and that's a margin which has been maintained while turnover has increased 140% to its present level over the past 12 months. 

Philosophies can sound impressive and prove worthless, but the above record suggests that those of Mr Chandler should be taken seriously. First of all, he doesn't regard his competition as being other furniture retailers. Rather, it is holidays, cars and all such goblers of cash and credit.  As for that growth, Mr Chandler: "I don't believe we've stolen it from other retailers. We've created it." He backs this up with the evidence that his nearest competitor, Furniture Village in Guildford, doesn't seem to have suffered as a result of Vale's success. 

And the next pearl: "I believe that to be successful you have to be specialised." Now that five minute tour of the shop would have been sufficient to establish that Vale is neither exclusively a bed, upholstery, leather nor cabinet retailer. It supplies all these things, so what does Mr Chandler mean by "specialised?"

It is the target market which is specialised and dictates the choice of product. "The age group we deal with is unquestionably the over 50s. They have the disposable income." This doesn't mean there's a moratorium on younger buyers entering the shop. Ducal, for a start, would assert that a large proportion of its customers are 30 somethings, and it is one of Vale's major suppliers. But the typical customer profile is the fairly well off couple, free of dependant kids. Vale is never going to compete with MFI and IKEA, so it doesn't try. 

All the brands with which Vale deals are roughly in the same price category and likely to appeal to a similar audience. Other than the brands mentioned, manufacturers represented include: Ercol, Ekornes, Beaver & Tapley, Frayling, Pendragon, Stag, Parker Knoll, Wood Bros and Slumberland

Carpets are unbranded and bought through AIS, as are the curtains, wallpaper and much of the furniture. While branding is clearly considered the key to success in furniture, Mr Chandler says: "We don't believe the carpet industry has sufficient brand loyalty from the public."

Some retailers clear the floor of brands for fear of price competition, but Mr Chandler sees the brands as his store's pull factor. By stocking a considerable variety of few brands, rather than cramming the shop with similar products from a host of suppliers, he has created  magnet for collectors. 

If Wood Bros Old Charm lovers, for instance, get wind that there's a good selection on show, they'll travel to see it. And Ercol: it was taken on when the new shop opened and turned over very little in the first six months. But now the collectors have got to hear that it's available in Ash Vale and it's started to take off. 

Of Ducal, Mr Chandler says: "The greatest thing about it is its collectability" and of Old Charm: "Once somebody starts buying it they become a regular."It's not just about catching a sale today, but in six months time, too. The advertising which Vale undertakes 52 weeks a year starts to look extremely good value when one calculates how much each customer who responds to it and visits the shop could be worth. 

Radio is the favoured medium. "The advantage," says Mr Chandler," of radio advertising over press advertising is that it's far more generic. It is better in the term for building a customer base." Vale's radio ads feature a jingle which, like it or not, you will end up humming, and they don't bang on about price deals. Is a customer asks Vale to match a discount, then it will be match if it's sensible, and it does the credit deals which are obligatory these days. Mr Chandler says, however: "If we get 100% of the business then we are too cheap, but if you make the buying experience pleasurable then people will want to do it again."

Above all, Vale is proof of the success brands can generate. Just an example; in January and February, Vale sold 50 G Plan Carrera suites. 

With a low and consistent number of brands, neither the buying power nor the product knowledge is diluted. And talking of knowledge, how does Mr Chandler put up with trade news? "The manufacturers' van drivers." Now that's how to put me in my place.

Ash News 1968
A HUGE Union Jack made entirely from Acrilan carpeting was the original idea that gained Ash Vale shop owner Roy Chandler a £200 prize in a window display contest open to shops throughout Britain. His shop, Ash Vale Furnishers, of Wharf Road, won the prize for the special display during Acrilan Carpet Fortnight. Devised by Mr Chandler, the Union Jack measured 9ft. by 6ft. and was made for him by carpet-fitting experts. Every carpet displayed in the window throughout the period was of Acrilan. The prize would normally have been split into two cheques of £100 each, but as Mr Chandler is “the proprietor, the display manager, and the dustman, and the floor sweeper” he is getting the lot.